Leading material innovation with advanced technical and sustainable fibre blends including natural, recycled, man-made cellulosic, and synthetic fibres.


From fibre to Yarn

We weave together expertise, innovation, and precision to craft high quality yarns that fuel our product range and collaborate with weavers, knitters, and denim manufacturers worldwide. From sustainable sourcing to advanced spinning techniques, we are committed to delivering yarns of exceptional quality, versatility, and performance.


Producing 25 million kg of yarn using advanced Japanese and European technology and lab equipment every step of the process.

Our yarn technology includes ring spun, plain, slub, multi-count, slub lycra, siro slub core, and air covering.

We have 50,200 spindles dedicated sampling for continuous innovation.

Yarn Dyeing

Highly automated dyeing operations with automatic dyestuff and chemical dispensing system.

With dyeing capacity of 4 million kg, we offer an extensive range of colours in Spun and Filament yarns.

Air Covering

We use advanced Italian Air Covering technology to produce 1 million kg annually.

Covering in-house dyed, dope dyed, and raw yarns with stretch filaments like Lycra and Creora in custom blends.

Dedicated QA Lab

We carry out rigorous testing on our processes with European technology to ensure high-quality yarns. We assess evenness, strength, twist, and the HVI spectrum, maintaining consistency and excellence.

Our Products and Facility

Offering a wide range of premium yarns tailored to our customer needs. We use the finest raw materials including natural, man-made, and recycled fibres.

Slub Yarn (carded/combed)

Current count: Ne 4/1 Slub – Ne 16/1 Slub

End use: Denim | Apparel | Upholstery | Curtains

Cotton Combed Plain Yarn

Current count: Ne 3/1 Combed – Ne 24/1 Combed

End use: Denim | Hosiery | Apparel | Towels

Dope Dyed Polyester Yarn

Current count: Ne 6/1 Carded/Combed – Ne 32/1 Carded/Combed

End use: Hosiery | Apparel

Stretched Yarn

Current count: Ne 7/1 Stretch – Ne 20/1 Stretch

End use: Denim | Apparel

Ring & Simplex

ZINSER Germany

Spinning Facility

Card Machine

Trützschler, Germany and Rieter, Switzerland

Spinning Facility

Farm to Floor Traceable Yarns

Championing local farmer’s transition to organic and regenerative practices for improved material health. Our material innovation journey spans organic cotton to banana waste fibre, creating traceable, regenerated yarns.

Interloop Organic Kapas

Launched Interloop Organic Kapas to develop a local organic cotton supply chain, aiming to improve farmer livelihoods and our environmental impact.


QR-coded cotton bales from our partner farmers are expertly spun in our geo-tagged facility, transformed into QR-coded yarn.


QR codes are essential for traceability across every step. Our geo-tagged dyeing house employs QR codes for processed yarn before shipping to production.

Cotton Traceability

Leveraging our exclusive technology, Looptrace, to track and trace cotton from farms to Interloop facilities as it goes through spinning, dyeing, and garment making.


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